Typical Services in Safety of Automated Driving Systems (ADS)

Support in ADS safety argumentation structure

Astus provides support based on customer’s product structure: how to find a safety argumentation structure capable of reaching real predictive power. Suggestions of improvement in product architecture to enable both high performance and guaranteed safety.

Support in formalizing safety contracts

Contract-based safety argumentation is referred to as Safety Element out of Context, SEooC, in ISO 26262. Astus supports the customer how to identify and formulate efficient safety contracts, fitting in a structure where completeness can be reached for the total ADS safety case.

Independent 3rd party review

Astus acts as an independent safety reviewer.

Support in planning for continuous deployment from a safety perspective

ADS functionality will evolve incrementally at a rather high pace, also after introduced on the market. To become efficient in the product planning, safety aspects must be considered, because generating evidence in the safety case fragments might cause significantly delays if discovered too late. When prioritizing the functional growth of an ADS, it is important to include the safety aspects. Astus provides support to the customer in planning for CD.

Management seminars – How to become safe enough for customers and society!

Engineering seminars and courses